Vitamin C for high blood pressure

Studies over the past decade have shown a connection between taking Vitamin C and lowering of blood pressure. The mechanism/or reason that it works is uncertain and there is still more that needs to be studied. The simple basis of the findings is that a dosage of 500mg per day of Vit C over an extended amount of time ( 30 days) was shown to decrease blood pressure by 10 points (mmHg) on average. These results were only demonstrated on people with high blood pressure, not those who were considered healthy.

The implications of these studies brings about a couple of different point of views and possible need for further studies. First: vitamin C should be considered for as a therapy for high blood pressure, and a natural approach to help people who are close to high blood pressure. Second: it should be considered that this dosage of vitamin C can be used it a preventative aspect. If people who have a risk of high blood pressure or who are close to having high blood pressure would use this approach to help lower there blood pressure, before the use of medication is considered or required.

More research is starting to show the tremendous benefits of Vitamin C from increased immune function, faster wound healing, etc. etc. . Daily intake of vitamin C should be considered for everyone to help with overall health.


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