Video Game Review:The Saboteur

Its like Grand Theft Auto with Nazis and Burlesque Dancers.

The thing that really sets ‘The Saboteur’ from other sandbox / open world games is it’s use of color.

Color plays a huge role in the game. As The Saboteur starts, you inter a world almost Frank Miller in style. Completely black and white with harsh flashes of Nazi red piercing the darkness. In order to bring color back to the area, you have to weaken Nazi forces and inspire the people in the city.

You play as Sean, an Irish mechanic turned racer turned resistance fighter. You will scale buildings armed with dynamite destroying Nazi Radio towers, tanks, and supply depots. The more contraband you destroy, the more vehicles and weapons will open up for your disposal.

I really like the games style, but the game play itself left me expecting a little bit more. There are a few racing missions that involve a very choppy camera. Controlling Sean himself much easier. The hand combat controls are a bit slow, I took a few punches to the face I wish I could have avoided. Another big element to the game is sneaking around similar to ‘Splinter Cell’ or ‘Assassin’s Creed.’

The voice acting is very good as well.

Currently there is only one download available as a game add-on,