Veteran's Day – Thank you.

Veterans Day. Americans have observed the holiday since the end of World War I. It provides the nation an opportunity to thank all the men and women who have served and continue to serve their country in the armed forces.

Unlike holidays such as Easter, Memorial Day, the Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s Day, many people won’t receive a day off from work. Students won’t attend classes, and government offices will be closed. But for many, life will go on as usual on Veterans Day.

That’s unfortunate. Citizens of the United States enjoy more freedoms than almost anyone in the world. Those freedoms didn’t come cheap. Going back to the Revolutionary War, soldiers have fought battles to attain and retain the democratic system of government we all enjoy — and often take for granted. In peacetime, especially, it can become easier to overlook those serving in the military.

Perhaps one of the few positives from the long-standing wars in Iraq and Afghanistan is that they kept the nation’s soldiers more in people’s thoughts and prayers. The nation never rallied around the troops like happened in World War II, but at least soldiers weren’t ostracized like some of those who served in Vietnam. Americans must always make sure to separate the policy from those who carry it out and support the fighting men and women. That support is especially important once they return from serving overseas and return to their regular lives.

For every veteran and every active duty soldier and individual in military uniform — thank you. Thank you for the sacrifice you continue to make every day on our behalf. No words can ever express the debt we owe these brave men and women.

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Huge thanks to all Veterans & Active Duty Military.