used childs tooth for sale

So, my youngest lost her 1st tooth this weekend while on my watch and i had to call the ex to find out what the bill for the tooth fairy was going to be. Oh how the mighty dollar has fallen. Ready for this, $6 freakin dollars she gave for my sons first tooth! Now I love my daughter, but am i the only one that thinks this is crazy!? Is she selling the kids teeth on the black market or something and if so, what does a used kids tooth go for? The best offer I could find was $1.50 in cans from a hobo who, coincidentally was carrying a jar full of teeth. I’m just sayin, that’s all. I was impressed though that she wanted to keep the single and put the $5 in her piggy bank. she has it in her head that she’s getting an iphone, at 6 years old even. kids are so cute at that age.