I walk into the house. This particular evening feels different. “Something good is in my future” I think to myself. I grab a beer and I begin to do my normal socializing. I say hello to a few friends and acquaintances, Crack a few jokes, some are a hit, others are just plain bad, but people still laugh on account of the intoxication. I look over at the big tub of jungle juice that someone prepared for the nights festivities. ” I’d grab a cup, but I don’t want to get too stupid tonight” I say to myself. Tonight is going to be a great night.

12 o’clock has hit and everyone has celebrated. I kissed a girl for the sake of the event but it was nothing to be excited about. An hour passes and many of the party-goers have sifted out to begin the start of a new time. A few stragglers have stayed behind, and then… my beginning.

We have all sit down to play some drinking games, some of them legit but others were not well planned but we drank like rock stars anyways. I feel a grasp on my arm. I turn my head to her, ” What’s your name?” I say. You tell me your name and I’m consumed with a feeling I have never felt before. “What beauty” I think to myself. The night rolls on and I keep the conversations rolling in fear of your losing interest, however I think you were just as worried as I that the encounter would end prematurely.

Later on in the evening we have left and ventured off on our own endeavors. Made a few stops at a few other sites of engagement, a few cocktails to celebrate a new beginning. A new beginning indeed. After that I cannot recall much but one memory. “You’re the most beautiful person” I said as I looked into your eyes. You blushed and didn’t say anything back but I knew you felt the same…

Months have passed and we have seen each other here and there, but the fire that burns inside has only intensified to the point that I can barely think about what to say to you next. This feeling will never fade, it will never leave. ” You’re beautiful” I repeat over and over again. I think that I may be saying it too much but I can still feel your smile and humility. I may stop saying it as much, but I will never stop feeling the same. You told me how you loved me. I’ll never forget the tears that fell from my eyes, and the way you wiped them away.

A year has passed and with every mountain we have climbed, we have descended into a valley. Still my love has never changed in elevation, but you and your character have followed the terrain with every step. I do everything I can to make it right. However, sometimes to make things right is the wrong thing to do. “You’re beautiful” I tell you. A hollow smile I get in return.

Two years have passed and we have separated and comptemplated being together again. It’s different now. I remember what happened and what was never done to fix it. I worked so hard for so long only to be given up for the most inane reason. I stare at you with tired bloodshot eyes. “I need you, I love you” you said…

This day the tears fall from my eyes, they are not the same. They are because I’ve lost you, and you cannot wipe them away.