unpacking and unready

So I’ve got most of my unpacking done.. Big stuff at least. Everything is arranged and has its place. Tv in the corner, books on the desk, couch centered. Only a couple more boxes left.
Still need to get some more posters, the walls are filthy looking.
And now my roommate who did transfer away is thinking of returning. Tomorrow. Or the next day. Tonight if shes in the mood. So that’s one reason I havn’t completely finished unpacking. I turned the other bed on its side for more room in the bedroom so that would be a problem if she showed up. Unless she turned into a vampire over the summer and sleeps in a coffin and not a bed… But I doubt that.
Classes start wednesday so I’ve got until then to unpack and get settled in.
Not ready for classes to start.
Monday 10-1050 American History to 1865
unknown time – Counseling
Tuesday 8-915 Community organization
11-1215 Senior Seminar
115-205 Health and Wellness
Wednesday 10-1050 American Hist.
Thursday 8-915 Comm Org.
11-1215 Senior Sem.
Friday 10-1050 American Hist.

Not a bad course schedule but still not ready to hit the books.
Unready for what the year may bring…