Unlikely Love Story

His eyes shine bright
But His soul has dimmed

A skeptic of love, one’s betrayal has made him.
Sometimes there, but never gone
And always on Her mind.

Days go by…and weeks…and months…
She sits and watches and waits
Wondering if he thinks of Her
Wanting nothing more than to ease His pain.

Both move on, again and again
Grasping at straws, gasping for air.
Barely breathing, both are bleeding
Never to be the same.

Tears run wild from Her tired eyes.
As She longs to give up, to breathe Her last breath
She reaches out…

He takes Her hand, and they embrace.
Everything will be okay
I’m here, he says.

Her tears flow freely
As She wonders for how long…
I love you always, He whispers softly in Her ear.

She breathes in again, deep and long
Knowing, somehow, His words are true.

She saves his life, and He saves Hers.
With each embrace, their love grows stronger
And with each kiss, their heartbreak lessens.

This unlikely love story
A glimmer of hope in a world filled with darkness.