Unfunny comedies–what’s up?

I see a movie every weekend if I can get it in. Unfortunately, many of those films are based on what time they start and end, and what me and/or movie partner haven’t already seen. Movie partner varies–usually a family member or friend I’ve known since forever. One of the benefits of living in your hometown and having friends who also like movies when they’re not hanging with significant other (if I had one maybe I’d actually see more or have less time–not sure which would be better).

So based on the start/end times of shows after a busier than normal Sunday, I ended up seeing “License to Wed.” The Friday before I saw “Hairspray,” which was actually pretty good, so that may have tainted my thoughts for this one.

But as much as I wanted to like “License” — Robin Williams is sometimes funny, all of the actors from “The Office” and some of their interactions were laugh out loud hilarious, but Mandy Moore, well, I guess I’m just not enough of a fan to like her and want her with Jim from “The Office.” He’s Pam’s guy, right? Or Karen’s or whoever on that show I would always tape on nights I had to work.

John Krasinski as Ben didn’t disappoint as a groom having issues with his bride to be. But when he would fight with Mandy Moore’s Sadie Jones, I was secretly hoping he’d break up with her for a funnier girl who looked like me (or some other character who never existed in the show, but would have been awesome).

His best friend, DeRay Davis playing Joel, is also funny as the husband of Mindy Kaling’s Shelley (she’s Kelly on The Office); Angela Kinsey (Angela on “The Office”) has a cameo; and Brian Baumgartner (Kevin on “The Office”) refers to the five-second rule as it applies to some fallen potato skins. So here’s the thing–all the other couples are actually pretty funny and likable. Sadie and Ben, well, I couldn’t root for them in the hard times.

And then there’s Robin Williams. Why is it he’s great in dramas I’ve seen with him–“Good Will Hunting,” “Good Morning, Vietnam,” “Dead Poet’s Society,” “One Hour Photo”–the comedies are hit or miss. “Birdcage”–hilarious. “RV”–terrible.

Not that everyone will have the same opinion I understand. It was almost worth admission for the jokes that did work, Williams did have a few funny moments of his own, and actors from “The Office” are good if you like that show as much as I do, but at some point, I just didn’t care if the relationship worked out in the end or not.

One sentence: It’s like “Meet the Parents,” which I did like. Both have a family who isn’t thrilled with their future son-in-law, but instead of a nosy dad, there’s a priest who also makes it difficult. Marriage classes are real for Catholics; my soon-to-be-married sister went through them a while ago. But I doubt they’re as awful (or unfunny) as this.

Rental. Better yet–do the $1 hotbox thing at McDonalds when this comes out.