Umphrey's McGee in Indianapolis – FREE TICKETS?

UM has built a rabid fanbase through endless touring, putting them on the road 120+ nights a year. Their constantly evolving sound channels a wide spectrum of influences while still preserving their distinct voice through crafty songwriting. With a massive repertoire of originals and note-perfect covers, their live shows are like flipping through the presets on your radio dial. Their A.D.D. approach to “progressive improvisation” utilizes a set of Zappa inspired hand signals allowing them to orchestrate their melodic creations on the fly.

Summer 2011 Sampler by Umphrey’s McGee

They are in Indianapolis TONIGHT at The White River Lawn!

Facebook Event Page with Full Info!

And of course, Indymojo has a line on some FREE VIP passes, courtesy of our friends at X103!

Here’s how to win…

1. Reply to this post with your favorite UM video.

2. Post this blog on Facebook, tagging the fan page AND the Umphrey’s McGee Fan Page!

Winners will be chosen this afternoon!

Red Team Go!