UFC Comes to the Circle City!!!

So waking up this morning was definitely interesting. I woke up to hear the news talking about how the UFC will be coming to Indianapolis! The prospective date is September 25, 2010. It will be UFC 119, and this is a huge step for Indiana. MMA has only been sanctioned in Indiana for around a year, and the UFC deciding to have a show here means its working. No more tiny shows where people are grossly mismatched or judges not knowing how to score, or referees not being required to go through any sort of training. With the fights being sanctioned MMA has become much safer, and made opportunities like bringing the UFC to Indiana a possibility.

The potential main event for UFC 119 would be Matt Mitrione vs. Joey Beltran. Mitrione’s most recent fight was against Kimbo Slice. Kimbo after losing the fight announced his retirement from the UFC. Regardless I can’t wait to see the fights, and you better believe I’m going to try and find a way to be there!

As more information on this show comes out check back for details!