Tuesday night Tradition!

For the last month or so, a group of us have been getting together downtown every Tuesday night for a fun game of erotic poker. Actually, since it is at 1:30 a.m., I should say Wednesday morning, but nonetheless, it is there, it is happening and it is slowly building. So if you are male, less than completely straight and out and about after midnight on a Wednesday, give us a try. I can honestly say, all it takes is once!

For those who aren’t familiar with GG4G, we are a group of gay men for gay men into the homosexual group scene. Wehave lots of different activities, but for Tuesday night, we tone down our rules a little bit and we offer a tutorial before each session so that everyone kind of knows what they are doing and what is expected, and to keep everything even at the start of the real festivities. Seriously guys, if you even slightly curious, you ought to try this. Every Tuesday night/ Wednesday morning at 1:30 AM, downtown. We will be looking for you!