Triple Threat This Thursday In Indy

Indy Mojo has been busy this week. With three different shows in two different locations it’s not going to be an easy pick on where you will end up this Thursday. Digital Tape Machine, The Expendables, and Dark Star Orchestra are all playing the same night in Indy on March 12th. Mojo has a sneak peak on what to expect from these bands.

Digital Tape Machine


digital tape machine

Digital Tape machine is a Chicago-based band featuring Marcus Rezak, Joe Hettinga, Bryan Doherty, and Neal Wehman. In an era where electronic music has become an array of different genres this sound can be compared to video game music, electronic dance, and dance house. In other words, this band knows how to get the party started with their edgy dance music.

Their new track, “Beast” (streaming below) has an upbeat tempo with some heavy shredding by guitarist Marcus Rezak. Speaking of shredding, view the video below and listen to some new sounds coming your way this week.

Come out Thursday February 12th to the Mousetrap. Bring $8 for the entry fee and be ready to move because Digital Tape Machine will keep you dancing all night!

Want more??

Also playing this Thursday is The Expendables and Dark Star Orchestra at Old National Center.

The Expendables

The Expendables are reggae funk band known for their song, “Packed This Bowl For Two” and they want to smoke it with you. Tickets are only $20 so get off your couch and catch them live, you won’t be disappointed.

Dark Star Orchestra

Though they are considered a cover band, Dark Star Orchestra (DSO) looks to bend the mold, change the circumstances and be more than just a cover band. Many loyal followers of the music have tried, from day one, to pursue their dreams of covering their favorite band of all time. However none are as acclaimed or accredited as Dark Star Orchestra.

To see more on Dark Star Orchestra click here for the full article.

DSO, The Egpytian Room, 2014

DSO, The Egpytian Room, 2014