Transformers 2

“The battle for Earth has ended but the battle for the universe has just begun. After returning to Cybertron, Starscream assumes command of the Decepticons, and has decided to return to Earth with force. The Autobots believing that peace was possible finds out that Megatron’s dead body has been stolen from the US Military by Skorpinox and revives him using his own spark. Now Megatron is back seeking revenge and with Starscream and more Decepticon reinforcements on the way, the Autobots with reinforcements of their own, may have more to deal with then meets the eye.”

I was pumped to see this movie so much it’s not even remotely funny. Typically when I’m this excited I end up getting let down. NOT IN THE LEAST BIT!!

All I have to say is wow. Granted I was a Transformers kid growing up, had every single one, could transform them without the instructions and such…yeah I was a nerd, get over it. I was so impressed with this movie I almost have no idea what to write.

The plot is basically that the Autobots are now trying to save the universe rather than just the world and the government is starting to think that this is because the Decepticons are just out to get the Autobots.

The visual effects, SPECTACULAR!! Better than the first film by far. The action scenes were much more controlled and easier to follow what was going on (and bumblee bee is a bad ass muther F@#$@#). Added with the comic relief of Skids and Mudflap (new Autobots, not originals) this movie couldn’t be anymore perfect, well…except for seeing it in IMAX, WHICH I plan to do.

Overall, (being biased since I am a fan of transformers) this is about 3 3/4 stars…almost perfect, however I almost believe that the MPAA rating for the movie should have been higher, not sure PG13 is a good fit, granted I understand why, but some of the language and inuendos (which did make the film hilarious) are inappropriate for younger viewers….what are you waiting for…GO SEE IT…NOW!!!