TOGA kickball


Guys + Gals… time for you guys to be jealous! I know some of you didn’t show up solely because we were wearing Togas, and because of that I should just slap you across your face… but I won’t I will just make you feel uber jealous of us. We had 6 show up, and we kicked major tail, and afterwards at the other Tale, we flossed our Togas. We had the most fun ever… we were down 0-1 for a few innings, then tied ‘er up. THEN out of no-where we had this amazing inning where we got 2 more runs… 3-1 I think the final was. I loved pitching again, would probably like to get a speed gun on that puppy and see how fast I’m getting. I hope by these Wicked Awesome Pictures you will be so jealous and beg for my forgiveness for not showing up. I might, just might forgive you and let you play next week at our 6:20pm game.

So long, for now Mofo’s