to do:

To Do:

go skydiving. get a tattoo. get a massage. bake the perfect chocolate chip cookie. make the perfect cup of coffee. learn to knit. buy a perfectly pointless pair of heels. let go of a grudge. get something published. take a better picture. climb a mountain with snow on top. go scuba diving. go water skiing. travel someplace tropical. live in a big city. live in the middle of nowhere. lay on the beach for an entire day. sleep for an entire night – uninterrupted. watch a movie without crying. get out of debt. get out of town. save for my kids college fund. knit a sweater. find a job i love. find a love that doesn’t feel like a job. read more. write more. send more snail mail. love uninhibitedly less. guard myself more. breathe more. cry less. learn a new language. stop stressing over the things in life I have no control over. smile more sincerely. laugh louder. play more. work less. tell someone the truth to their face. admit i love someone whether they return the sentiment or not. remember how childhood innocence can be shattered – then avoid that at all costs. buy a house. organize my sock drawer. save for a rainy day. splurge on a great pair of jeans. cry so hard my throat hurts. laugh until i cry. learn to play the guitar. sleep in. sleep with someone comfortably. open the windows. trim the hedges. plant some new flowers. buy a garden gnome & name him. buy some new bedsheets. read the newspaper start to finish. turn off the tv. turn up the music. see more art. create more art. finish a painting. finish a sentence.