Time for a career change?

So, as some of you might know, I am an artist. A crazy messed up creative soul lost in this corporate world. I have though, been thinking. Yes, me thinking, a rather frightening thought, but it happens. I am not satisfied with my life right now. I work at The Indianapolis Star, I work at Starbucks, I go out with Mojo People every once in a while, and I pet my dogs. Why, might you ask am I blogging about such an odd, random topic? Because this past week I have found out how my life isn’t being fulfilled right now. I am standing still. Not going forward, not going backward. I need progression. I need to change lives, I need to make an impact on just ONE person.


You see, I have decided to go back to school. Like spending 7 years for an undergrad and a minor wasn’t enough. I am going to get a post-bacc certification in Elementary Education with a dual license in English as a second language. Spank right? Today I re applied for a 2nd degree, spoke to some fin aid people, and hope to send a check for 42 bucks (for my evaluation) —exactly I have to pay for someone to evaluate me? shouldn’t be the other way around? — and then hopefully I’ll be off to the races and back in the classroom in January. And then I’ll be that much closer to having my OWN classroom with little brains to mold.

I would love to make kids smile, learn, and grow (even in their little 9 year old bodies), and help them become a step closer to the awesome gift that God created them to be. I want to try new things, explore the arts in the regular classroom, realize that not every kid thinks alike. I mean somehow I made it out of “regular” classes and passed with might I add a rather decent class rank. These kids will be mine, and on my first day of class I will put an apple on everyone of their desks, because they are just as important as the teacher. I need them, just as much as they need me.

How’s that for some inspiration, who wants ME for a teacher??? :)