Thursday, August 16th

About two weeks ago, I caught wind of an upcoming show featuring Those Young Lions and the Peggy Sues. This was great news because I’m already a fan of the Lions and I’ve been meaning to catch the Peggy Sues.

But then I saw an announcement for a show with Girl Talk on the same night. Girl Talk is a mash-up artist from Pittsburgh known for his energetic, egalitarian live shows whose debut album Night Ripper was #27 on Spin Magazine’s list for 2006. I had to go to this show.

So I was bummed. Later, I was talking to one of the Sues and mentioned that I couldn’t make their show because I was going to Girl Talk instead. I got a weird look as she said:

“Ummm….you realize that they are both the same show, right?”

Woo hoo! All my problems are solved.

I was also excited to hear that the show was at Talbott Street. I had never been, but I heard it was a killer place to see a show. So I Google Mapped it and headed down there last Thursday. As I walked down Talbott, everything was quiet. No sign of a venue. Two girls from the neighborhood passed by me in front of what seemed like a vacant building.

One of the girls said “What’s that?”

“Oh, some club for gay guys,” responded the other.

So I turned in front of them to go in, and they gave me a weird look. I thought about telling them to go to hell, but decided it wasn’t worth it. Actually, I decided that I was to chicken to cause a scene. But whatever. The important thing was that I found the place.

After I settled in, I went to the bar and got a Newcastle. I cost me $5 bucks after a tip. Dang, I only brought $12 cash, and I didn’t want to start a tab. So on my second trip, I asked the bartender if they stocked PBR. I got my second weird look of the night. So I settled for another Newcastle and had to con my friends into buying me drinks for the rest of the night.

During Those Young Lions’ set (which was superb), a dude starting dancing. Spastically. But it was kinda awesome. He looked like he was being shocked by a defibrillator. It was a solo mission because everybody stood back, mesmerized by his random convulsions. It is rare to see people dance at local rock shows, and this guy was going for the gold. He took a break and continued through the Peggy Sues’ set.

Girl Talk was as advertised. I was exhausted. I can’t really say I was dancing, just moving around in an enthusiastic manner. Hey, it is the best I can do.

I got home at 3 am. I showed up for work bright and early at 8 am and barely scraped by.

That night I was all set to go to the Red Light Driver/Beta Male show at Spin. But around 9 pm, the couch felt a little too comfortable and, already drained from the show the night before and an early day at work, I fell asleep against my own will. Thursday shows are murder.


My picks for the best of live music this weekend:

-Marmoset CD Release w/The Playboy Psychonauts @ Radio Radio $5 9 pm
-BRAZIL, Everything Now!, Everthus the Deadbeats @ the Melody Inn $6 10 pm

-Lay Flats Arts Festival w/Atarilogic & Alaska Westwind West Lafayette $10 all day
-Virgil w/Lines of Nazca @ Birdy’s $5 9:30 pm