Three Blind Mice: a study in grilled cheese

We are different. We are better than homemade.

The simple tagline embodies the same minimalist approach that Three Blind Mice’s gourmet grilled cheese sandwiches do. Each one follows the same astounding formula:

(Two thick slices of Coleman bread from Amelia’s Bakery + generous amount of cheese on the inside) x magic butter applied to the outside of each slice = grilled cheese so good, make you wanna slap your momma.

Three Blind Mice co-founder Mike Bennett making food art

What makes Three Blind Mice’s grilled cheese stand out from the grilled cheese you can make in your own kitchen is the herb and spice infused butter that compliments the flavor of the cheese. Already fielding questions about selling the butter for make-at-home grilled cheese, Three Blind Mice founders David Denman and Mike Bennett are hesitant to prematurely expand their product offering. “The butter is what makes it unique,” says Denman. “We want our customers to keep coming back to see us.”

Here’s the breakdown of the four menu items featuring a different kind of cheese and complimentary magic butter:

  • The Original

This sandwich has a strong garlic flavor. Paired with the sophisticated flavor of simple mild cheddar, it’s a safe way for traditionalists to experiment with new flavors.

  • Dad’s Grilled Cheese – Made with American

Conceived by Three Blind Mice Co-founder Mike Bennett while cooking for his children, this creamy sandwich is the closest TBM offers to a classic grilled cheese- the best bet for kids and traditional palettes.

  • The Provo – Just like it sounds. Made with Provolone

Seasoned with a hint of pesto via its magic butter, The Provo caters to adventurous eaters who embrace culinary innovation. Boasting the smoothest melt of the lot and a flavor combination that pleases the senses without overpowering them, the Provo is sure to become one of Three Blind Mice’s signature sandwiches.

  • The Stepchild – Made with Parmesan

Unquestionably the most audacious grilled cheese on the Three Blind Mice menu, this sandwich is aptly named. The Stepchild is seared on the outside with delightfully flavorful roasted red pepper magic butter and overflowing with parmesan cheese on the inside. This unusual twist on grilled cheese won’t appeal to everyone, but those who like it will love it.

Grill cheese and tomato soup so good, make you wanna slap your momma.

And what’s a grilled cheese sandwich without tomato soup? Three Blind Mice’s creamy basil tomato soup maintains a thick and velvety consistency that sticks to the ribs without over-stuffing. The light tomato flavor mixes with a special blend of seasonings to create a uniquely savory side for any of the four sandwich offerings.

While the ultimate goal is to invest in a food truck and make their budding business mobile, the Three Blind Mice founders are currently embracing their grassroots beginnings by selling goods at fairs, festivals, and farmers’ markets. The public’s first chance to sink their teeth into Indy’s best gourmet grilled cheese comes on Sunday March 17th at The Mousetrap’s St. Paddy’s Day Bash with Hyryder, Midwest Rhythm Exchange, Flatland Harmony Experiment, and Stuttering Ducks.

Thee Blind Mice founders Mike Bennett and David Denman