This is what we do!

Big news that I felt I needed to share with everyone! Integrity Fitness is inching ever closer to its grand opening. Our website has taken a little longer than expected, but should definitely be completed by the end of August, We have found a location that is PERFECT, but until we finalize a couple of things we can’t take the steps to secure it. It could be taken by that time, I’m hoping not. We are also setting up some future events such as a Grand opening Kickoff party(all mofos are invited) and also a charity basketball tourney with American Cancer Society. Dates are not set, but expect these in the near future. To add the finishing touches we are in negotiations with a company here in the city that is adding a concierge service to their business. They do event planning for many of the professional athletes in the city and many of the events for celebs coming to the city. We would provide all their personal training services! This is what we do!

Thanks to everyone who continues to spread our good name! We love you for all your support!