this is life

As you all know I am interning here with fabulous IndyMojo so that I can graduate on time. It is now February, I’m graduating in May. This scares me beyond belief mainly because I am unsure of what I want to do with my life. I like journalism and I like writing but I am not sure that I chose the career path that suits me best. Most say this is normal, normal or not I would like to figure out what I should dedicate my life to. Feb 23rd my sister figures out where she is getting her internship, I will more than likely leave and go with her. That’s not to say I wouldn’t be back in a year but now is the time to go try something new. I have nothing tying me down here, but once I go I will have the same problem. A degree but unsure of what to do. I always considered trying to move up into corporate at starbucks but as you all see they are having serious issues. This economy sucks, reporters are getting cut at the papers – hell, papers are a dying trend and while they wont go away there wont be a need for so many reporters. I love doing the online deal so maybe that is my path I will be headed towards. This semester is kicking my butt. I have no motivation, senioritis has taken over my whole body. But somehow I am still recieving A’s on homework. Sigh. We shall see where this road goes. I honestly cannot wait until the 23rd. I am going to be super disappointed if she gets one of the locations I REALLY don’t want to go to. Either way it’s going to be time to put on my big girl pants and figure out what to do with myself. Time to grow up Peter Pan.