There is No Going Back with Vintage Blue at Birdy’s

It can be easy to get wrapped up in a particular genre of music and only focus on that. Variety is the spice of life and if you’re looking for something a little different this weekend Vintage Blue will be performing at Birdy’s on Friday April 25th. Vintage Blue is a Chicago based band that lives by the motto, “Trends and fads come and go, but honest and heartfelt rock ‘n’ roll is here to stay.”

Vintage Blue

Vintage Blue


They are touring right now in support of their new EP No Going Back. The album is a strong showing that features six tracks. The band has been working on these tracks since the release of their 2012 album Strike the Mics. It definitely shows that a lot of hard work went into these tracks as the entire album has a flow that feels natural and well thought out. The intensity of the album slowly builds to my personal favorite track “The Enemy.”


They have recently released their first video for the title track off the album “No Going Back.” For the video they worked with director Kyle Dunleavy of Rhapsody Productions. The video features a young woman who seems to be caught in a “groundhog day” scenario. It begins with the video completely in black and white, as she walks past lead singer and guitarist Ben Bassett playing the song in a park, she stops and drops some change in his open guitar case. As this happens Ben appears in full color. This theme continues throughout the video as she interacts with various people they continue to gain color as she stays monotone. Finally at the end of the video, after seeing a finished street-artist version of the album cover, she achieves her natural coloring.

The style of Vintage Blue is not necessarily one that the Indy Mojo festival-music-loving demographic would typically be drawn to. However, after viewing some of their live performances its clear that this will be a show that is definitely worth the time. The album is a beautiful collection of songs that will be interesting to see how they translate to the live arena. In our city we have a reputation for strong support of live music of all different genres. If you are looking for some live music Friday night, I can assure you this will be a good show to see.

What: Vintage Blue, Chicago-based Rock Group

Where: Birdy’s Bar and Grill – 2131 E 71st St. Indianapolis, IN 46220

When: Friday April 25th