There Is A First Time For Everything

Sooooo today is Labor Day… the day of rest. In honor of this restful day, my roommate Stephanie and I decided to put out a little productivity around the house. What did we do?? Attempted to take on the challenge of yard work. That’s right, we actually tried to make our yard look a little less shitty. Now, what you need to know is that neither Stephanie or I has ever in our lives mowed, raked, or weeded anything. Stephanie plays a little with some hanging flowers, but that is about the extent of the green thumb. Thankfully, growing up, we were both privy to never partaking in these frivolous chores because we had other able and willing siblings. We were, rightfully so, the princesses of the family.

Today, we attempted to turn alllllll of that around. Stephanie got out the mower, and I tried my hand with the rake. She mowed a little and then the mower stopped. wtf? why did it stop. oh, shit. it needs emptied. Between the two of us, we took about 10 solid minutes trying to empty the mower bag. This had to be the best Labor Day entertainment for our neighbors…we had ABSOLUTELY no idea what we were doing! After I raked 4 heaping piles of leaves, we discovered that our mower picks up the leaves for us…awesome. That was effort wasted.

We moved from the back to the front almost completing our task when, what happens? The mower goes out aaaaaaagain. Sooooo, again, between our two college educated brains, we empty out the mower bag and Steph finished up the job. A job well done I might add. Note to self: spray heavily with bugspray prior to any yard work. I was a bug buffet today and now have about 15 itching welts to deal with!

Side Note: Stephanie looked waaaaaaaaaaay hotter in person during her mowing duty.