There are some of us out there

I’ve got a great smile & I use it without hesitation.

Some times after a few drinks I do silly things that make others laugh – and I don’t regret them.

I believe in chivalry.

I’m a great cuddler.

I’m almost always the life of the party.

I’ll try anything once. Except skydiving.

I’m horrible with names but I never forget a person.

I love my friends dearly & take my friendships very seriously.

I spend too much time stressing and need to spend more time with people who put me at ease.

I love necking in the twilight hours of the night.

My friends are just as absurd and rambunctious as I – and thats why I love them!

I love to take road trips.

I love to play sports.

I’m always down for adventure.

I’m adamantly loyal to my friends, family and loved ones.

I very much value honesty and being straighforward.

Im a fantastic cook and love to cook for friends.

I like to plan romantic getaways.
I love a slightly chilly room, but a warm, snuggly bed.

I like but never need an “I just wanted to say hi” phone call.

I’ve never been “across the pond” but plan to change that in the near future.

I work hard but play harder.

If I’m committed, I never cheat.

I like to send flowers.

I’m polite and thoughtful.

I like going to the bars on a Tuesday and staying in for a movie on a Saturday.

I take everything in stride, and can cope with anything that comes my way.

I’m a tough competitor and a gracious loser.

I always have a story to tell about something.

I’m a guy you want your parents to meet.

I want children very much when I’m stable and in a place where I can support them without living hand to mouth.

I respect my elders and understand that what they have to offer is priceless.

I’d love to have someone to explore neighborhoods with.

I do miss holding hands.

I’m a momma’s boy.

I love, love, love sushi.

I’m rarely ever tardy.

My confidence is never conceit.

I’m a great boyfriend for the right girlfriend.

I’m a romantic, a realist, and the guy who’s there when the chips are down.