There are so many things I hate about people

Come on, we all know it’s true, most people suck! OK, not necessarily most people but a large majority that keeps getting bigger day by day. But instead of all the things I hate about humanity in general (do you hear that my noisy, dumb-ass, crack head neighbors?!), there’s quite a bit to dislike about some of the local bands out there. The ego on a few of these people and groups is truly befuddling to behold. I’m literally flabbergasted by some of it.

Not all of them mind you. There are some excellent INDY bands out there who are very talented as well as down-to-earth. All around good people whom you just want to hang out and drink a beer with. –>People you WANT to see SUCCEED.< -- But then, on the other end of the spectrum, there really are a lot of arrogant twats out there in the music scene as well. They've played 20 shows at 3 different clubs and think that "the time has finally come for us to get signed!". Just some very douchy, arrogant and ego-driven people who are only in it for the attention and to pretend they are celebrities who are somehow better than non-musicians. Every message is "Come to our show bitches!", and they only contact you a couple times a year when they need something or want your to cheer for them and congratulate them on how great they are.

Now I’ve met some people who, at first impression, seemed like they were egotistical assholes, but then after getting to know them a little better you understand that they are overall good guys/gals and have the talent to back it up if their ego is a little inflated. People/bands who have been playing consistantly in INDY for the past 10 years have a better reason to have a little bit of an ego or perhaps a chip on their shoulder than those who formed a band last year. If you’re gonna be an egotistical ass, you better have at least payed your dues and have the talent to back it up.

I don’t care if you fucking opened for PEARL JAM, if you’re playing at LOCALS ONLY next week for an audience of 15 people, all of whom you’ve known since high-school, you damn well better get your ego in check and stop acting like anybody owes you anything. You’re owed common courtesy and respect, and that requires that you offer up that same common courtesy and respect in return. And if not, here’s a big FUCK YOU you can shove up your holier than thou ass.

In Close: Being a musician doesn’t make you any less of a douchebag and might in fact compound the problem.