The Floozies: 21st Century Space Funk

The Floozies SpaceblastersQuick! Blend a cup of Pretty Lights with the zest of one Polish Ambassador. Now add a smidgen of Griz, a dash of Zoogma, and a splash of vocals. Stir with a tablespoon of James Brown. And… voila! You’ve got something that might resemble The Floozies’ special recipe for their newest album, Tell Your Mother (found for free at

Featuring 10 tracks of steady funk grooves and released under Griz’s record label, Liberated Music, it’s The Floozies’ first full-length studio album to date. Trust us, it doesn’t disappoint. Steeped in quirky drums, heavy synth work, and tight-yet-wacked-out guitar lines; Tell Your Mother characterizes The Floozies’ signature blend of EDM with all things funky.

For instance, take the track, “Love, Sex, and Fancy Things”. Starting with a slow, Curtis Mayfield tinged guitar riff, it quickly shifts to a hard-hitting glitch-funk banger worthy of any dance floor.  Tracks like “Set Break” show a more laid back and melodic, yet still groovy, vibe. “One Word” takes it back up a notch to to alien level funk, throwing in a multitude of vocal samples and warped out synths to get the boogie going. “Italian Chandelier”, one of the more guitar-heavy tracks on Tell Your Mother, rounds out the album and shows why The Floozies are at the top of their game right now.

Photo courtesy of FX Media Solutions

The Floozies tearing it up at Hyperion Music & Arts Festival (2013)

Spending the past year writing new material and honing their chops on the nightclub and festival circuits, these guys are a band to watch. With a heavy touring schedule, you should have a chance to catch them soon in a town near you. So, just as momma warned you, keep an eye out for those damn Floozies; the rest of the country seems to be. Just head over to their Facebook page and watch the number of likes skyrocket; they’ve gone up by 2000 since I started keeping track. Hell, do we smell a drinking game?