The Woodhands at Mojo Music Tuesday (5/12/09)

How the Canadian duo known as The Woodhands connected with downtown dive The Volrath, I do not know. On any given night, one can expect to find the bar stools lined with raggedy, old townies and colorful neighborhood tenants. Once a week, the Indy Mojo Insurgency invades, resulting in beer pong on the tables and killer tunes on the jukebox. But this Tuesday night was different. The crowd was diverse, the atmosphere was warm, and the music was hot.

As the timepiece on my wrist opened the eleven o’clock hour, I noticed the size of the audience diminishing, and that those still present were growing restless. Understandable, considering it was a weeknight. The Woodhands shared the bill with Bloomington talent The Thomas Crown Affair, as well as Andy & Annie Skinner of local promotional company A Squared Industries. Although excellent choices to supplement the headliner, the crowd had assembled primarily for the quirky electro pop that is The Woodhands.