The weekend

It’s FRIDAY! Thank goodness! My boring weekend can finally start after 4pm today!
The sunshine and warm weather has me antsy to go out and do things. My husband, on the other hand, is pretty much a homebody. Sooooo, I’ve joined a gym, and I’ll probably be working out as much as possible. So the hot body, that’s trapped under mounds of Christmas fat, can come out and feel the fresh air.
My husband, the one reluctant to go outside, has agreed to go to the Nine Inch Nails concert with me in May! I’m so excited! Nine Inch Nails is our FAVORITE. He has all the CDs, and now we just need some t-shirts! All my Nine Inch Nails T-shirts from highschool have rotted and died. So, maybe we’ll buy some at the concert. Although, now stuff is so expensive at concerts it’s rediculous. We may ebay some old shirts to wear there.

Well, tonight will consist of watching ghost hunters and eating cookies. I know, I said I was trying to lose weight. BUT, if the husband gets beer, I get cookies. It’s Friday and I’m a total cookie monster!! Have a good weekend everyone!!!!!