The Ugly Truth

Katherine Heigl stars as a lovelorn television producer who’s made to run a gauntlet of romantic exploits by a pig-headed morning-show host (played by Gerard Butler) as a way to prove whose romantic methods are more accurate. Legally Blonde’s Robert Luketic directs from a script by Karen McCullah Lutz, Kirsten Smith, and Nicole Eastman.

When I first saw previews for this flick I thought, eh could be funny but figured it was one of those same chick flicks. It was a bit predictable but actually was one of the better comedies I’ve seen this year.

Basically the plot of the movie is that Heigl puts way too much thought and effort into what she wants, instead of just letting this happen or “going with the flow” so to speak. She has a list and fits men into those criteria. She then meets Butler who is a “true” man’s man. He coaches her to get this Doc fella that she wants. By far the funniest part in the movie are the vibrating panties…sheer genius.

The acting was well done and the chose the right characters for these roles. The entire movie kept my attention and down right made me laugh on more than a few occasions. Yes, it’s a chick flick and a bit mushy towards the end, but it’s worth sitting through this one.

Overall I give this one about a 3. I’d pay to go see it again even. Possibly even a future purchase when released on DVD. Until next time mofos…see you at the movies!!