The Twin Cats & IndyMojo WANT TO FUNK YOU

The Twin Cats & IndyMojo WANT TO FUNK YOU!

Bow-Chica-bow-wow suckas!

Tru Nightclub is set to be the place of some down right dirty groovin and jean jammin when we rub fuzzies!

Indy’s best band..The Twin Cats, blend a delicate balance of trippy jams, jazzy instrumentals, and intense rock. As veterans of the music festival scene (Wuhnurth, Springfest, Knollfest, Summercamp, 10KLF), they play to connect with audience members and strive to be the source of their happy feelings. The addition of a woodwind section (sax and flute) adds another dimension to their sound, giving the Twin Cats even more room to experiment musically.

In short….simply outstanding on every level!

Here is all you need to know..

General Admission is $5 and VIP is $10

Buuuutttt..of course IndyMojo has your hookup!

If you join The Twin Cats Fans Live Group…then you can get a Mojo VIP wristband for only $5!

Also…every VIP will be entered into a raffle for sweet Twin Cats merch like CDs, shirts, etc.

Badass right? Dont miss this night!

Lets FUNK Tru Nightclub up with something they have never seen before!

Make sure all you sexy ladies let those panty-fros grow for this event!

The Twin Cats & IndyMojo WANT TO FUNK YOU