The Tragically Hip: We Are The Same

We Are The Same is the latest installment for the Canadian Hall of Fame Tragically Hip. This is their second production with Bob Rock, and like most albums created by The Hip, We Are The Same has its own identity. Although not very popular in the United States, The Hip have released 11 prior albums over a 20 year period. Only a handful of tracks have ever been listed on Billboard, which is very reminiscent of another group, The Grateful Dead in terms of popularity versus airplay.

Most of the songs on the album would be considered poetic folk rock, with Gordon Downie’s trademark voice that can be grating at times. The track listing starts off with Morning Moon, a song with an upbeat melody and some country flavored guitar. Queen of the Furrows is patented Hip. “Love is a First” was the first single released and a poor representation of the album as a whole. It deviates from the folk rock feel earned by nine of the other eleven tracks, and reeks of boilerplate radio hit.

Overall this album earns a 3.5/5. It’s good to see The Hip continuing to try new things and evolve their sound. Standout tracks are Morning Moon, Coffee Girl, Queen of the Furrows, and Frozen In My Tracks.

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