The Temper Trap: Conditions

The Temper Trap are a relatively new band from the land down under. They have found success being featured on the soundtrack of the movie “500 Days of Summer” which was released in July of 2009. They are also featured on Ministry of Sound‘s annual Chillout Sessions XII for 2010.

Having released only an EP prior to Conditions, the newness of this group can only be compared to that new car smell. At 42 minutes, the album is already set for perfection. A very diverse offering, Conditions will take the listener through a transition much like a change of season. A perfect release date of October 13, right around the time that the leaves are in full color, the mornings a little cooler, and the air a little more crisp. The Temper Trap are just that, a breath of fresh air in an otherwise dismal offering of new music. Summer 2009 was lackluster at best when it came to new offerings, and it feels good to be hitting stride. There are times while listening where there may be some confusion as to whether or not this is a Modest Mouse album. In the words of Rob Gordon, kicking off with a killer, Conditions first track “Love Lost” is an amazing track. By the time “Sweet Disposition” comes up, it is clear to see what tracks immediately call for being hits.

The album slows down a bit, and the tempo pops back up with “Fader”, which includes a very strong driving beat, some “woo hoo’s” and is fun to listen and sing along with. “Resurrection” is somewhat dark, slow tempo, high posts. “Drum Song” is just that. An entire instrumental song devoted to drum work with accompaniment.

This album is a breath of fresh air like that cool fall morning. 4.5/5. Let’s hope they have staying power. Standouts: “Love Lost” “Sweet Disposition” “Fader” “Drum Song”.

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