The Story — a poem by Bryan Meluch

The Story

Life is a story.
The world is the setting.
All who think are characters.
Those who think most are main characters,
for each thought requires description.
Those who feel the most require at least as much attention,
for each feeling also a description.

Suffering is felt more than joy,
more than hatred, and more than comfort–
but not more than love.
True love begins with suffering–it becomes more.

Some must create suffering,
for those who think and suffer most drive the story.
Those who love the most make the story.
God loves those who make the story,
for He loves the story
no less than He loves all of His characters.
They are all Him.

He knows how to write a good story,
and most good stories have happy endings–
just as will this one.

I know,
because He Knows,
because He Loves,
because He Is.

-Bryan Meluch