the slacker

Have you ever been walking down the street and noticed that people get a crazy look on their face, then wave and go out of their way to be nice to you. It’s not cause you are just that cool, and you are certainly not that important. It’s cause you look like Johnny Knoxville in the movie The Ringer! Carlos Mencia has a phrase just for you (this is the only point in this article you should feel privileged, I don’t care what the bus driver told you) you are a Dee Dee Dee! If you cant think of what I’m talking about hold your arm at a 90 degree angle across your chest while screaming Dee Dee Dee, someone will help you shortly (hopefully by hitting with a tack hammer and putting you down like a sick horse). However I have finally learned something from you and your special friends. By noticing the fact you are always smiling, I decided to go undercover and see your world kinda like that guy from Dateline investigating those child molesters, minus the freakishly weird fixation on children.

My investigation lead me to notice behind that drool spot on your shirt there was a good idea. I can play dumb and people will be nice and not make me do shit! I mean do you ever see retards doing real work? Ok the one guy greeting you at WalMart doesn’t count. So in trying this I’ve gotten away with many of extra hours of time for Myspace, Facebook, and looking at random funny stuff on the internet (god bless the nerd who came up with the internet