“The Quick & Easy Boys” Live Review (Melody Inn 6/9/10)

I should have known what to expect before I even got there. It’s a Wednesday night on the West Side of Indianapolis. It was more or less a no brainer but still I was surprised and eventually bewildered. I show up to the Melody Inn at 9:00 PM on the dot, if not a couple minutes late. Even the door man was late as nobody approached me at the door for the proposed cover. I grab a beer and survey the situation. One guy rambling at the bartender about God knows what, a bald guy in the corner staring straight ahead in a trance and a guy laying face down, simply passed out, leaving a Valvoline puddle on a table with a ‘greaser’ slicked back haircut..

I spotted The Quick & Easy Boys, contemplating amongst each other whether they should just go ahead and go on. I don’t know who they were waiting for because, other than three or four stragglers during their performance, this was regrettably their Indianapolis audience for tonight. Maybe it was the Naptown Roller Girls. For a show that was boldly advertised as