The Perfect Mom?

Being a mom in the twenty-first century can be a mixed bag of ugly. There are so many opinions about the job you’re doing, offered freely and yet at great cost. There are books and blogs and radio programs and mom groups and lactation consultants and magazines and on and on. Never has there been so much accessible and contradictory information floating in the ether of parenting, and never has the concept of “my way or the highway” been so brutally administered. We have collectively micromanaged our pregnancies and written our superfluous Birth Plans and succumbed to the pressure of feeding our kids 100 percent organic hand-milled baby food using a reduced carbon footprint. These unrealistic goals have created a population of neurotic mothers whose neurotic kids inevitably end up at my house on a playdate.
I have chosen a more retro approach to parenting. For one thing, I have six children, a very old-fashioned number. And by having so many I have discovered one of the great secrets to being a perfect mother: there is no such thing.

Holy Shit! This woman’s a genius! The sage advice above is an excerpt from Laissez-Faire mother Laura Bennett. Some of you might remember her from her stint on Project Runway (one of my guilty pleasures, I’ll admit).

But, it clearly and succinctly points out that creedo by which I’ve accidentally adhered for the past six-ish years. There’s NO SUCH THING as a perfect parent. Might as well enjoy it while it lasts…