The Only Balls Your Dog Needs Are the Ones He Fetches

If you love me, you'd fix me!

If you love me, you’d fix me!

Have you had your pet spayed or neutered? If not, now is the time to make that appointment.

Unplanned litters of puppies and kittens have lead to an overcrowding of every local shelter in the Indianapolis area and the problem is only going to get worse this spring as strays resume their frequent wandering about in your neighborhoods.

“Vets are being forced to put down far too many healthy animals simply because shelters are running out of room,” John Aleshire, CEO of the Humane Society of Indianapolis, says. “We hope that decreasing the amount of unplanned litters will lead the way and begin to lower the number of stray cats and dogs in our community – and help more animals find loving homes.”

What is being done to bring awareness to this Great Dane-sized problem?

Airing currently on local channels RTV6, WISHTV 8, and WTHR 13 is a new animal welfare campaign aimed at reminding central Indiana residents of the importance in spaying or neutering their pets.  Or as they simply named it: Love me. Fix me.

The PSAs focus on the importance of spaying and neutering all companion animals in order to ease the burden on overcrowded shelters and work to avoid unnecessary amounts of euthanasia procedures across central Indiana where approximately 16,000 animals per year end up in government facilities with too few being adopted. The Love me. Fix me. campaign aims to change this by working to dramatically increase spay/neuter rates in Indianapolis and surrounding areas.

IndyMojo has a history of local animal advocacy with our involvement over the past four years in Mutt Strut, an annual fundraiser put on by the Humane Society of Indianapolis to raise money for the shelter. Ensuring that those shelters are not over-populated so that fundraising efforts can go to more direct services in adoption is important to us.

IndyMojo encourages you to make that appointment to have your pup or cat fixed. Our pledged dollars from the 2014 Mutt Strut ( set for April 26th this year) will go towards helping those animals who are currently in a shelter,  but let us raise our voices in advocacy now to prevent the next litter of animals from ever entering the shelter in the first place.

Interested in joining or donating to Mojo Mongrels, our 2014 IndyMojo Mutt Strutt team? Email Kayleigh at for more information or join/donate directly to our fundraising page.

Spay or Neuter!