The New Old Cavalry, Glostik Willy and Funky Junk to Headline The Vogue Theatre

Funky Junk, The New Old Cavalry and Glostik WIlly all on stage together 3/1/13

Funky Junk, The New Old Cavalry and Glostik WIlly all on stage together 3/1/13

Seven months ago, The Vogue Theatre put a call to action on Facebook; they needed bands to fill an event because a previously booked band pulled out at the last minute. Fans of the band Funky Junk immediately began posting, sharing and calling. As three local bands saw stars in their eyes, Bloomington based The New Old Cavalry, and Muncie based Glostik Willy, got together with Funky Junk and magic happened. Within an hour of sending an email, The Vogue responded, confirming that these three bands would take the bill, marking their biggest stage to date.

Buddha Aguilar, Glostik Willy

Buddha Aguilar, Glostik Willy

With only a week to promote, friends and family pulled together utilizing social media, grassroots marketing and word of mouth to get as many people out as possible. As the night approached nobody knew what the turn out would be, least of all the venue. After the show, tickets were counted and in under a week these three local bands managed to draw over 500 people. The venue noticed, promoters noticed and the fans noticed.

Seven months later, the boys are back, fueled by more time to promote, a larger fan base and their talents precisely honed and tuned in. The New Old Cavalry, coming off a summer tour, which included 60 gigs, many being weekend festivals, will be headlining the evening.  Funky Junk will kick things off, keeping with last year’s tradition  of the youngest band playing first.  In-between will be heavy rockers Glostik Willy, just returning from gigs in New York and Philadelphia.

Chandler Pickard, Drummer of Funky Junk

Chandler Pickard, Drummer of Funky Junk

This past week, I ran into Chandler Pickard, drummer and self made publicist of Funky Junk. We sat down, had a drink and discussed how things happened last time around and what to expect at this up-coming show on Friday November 1st.

Chris: How did this event first take place?

Chandler: Well, the event first happened because last March I believe, a band canceled at The Vogue and the venue put a call to action to fill the space and we saw it. We then hit up the New Old Cavalry and Glostik Willy, and we all had the night off. I then sent The Vogue an email, and within an hour they got back to us confirming that we could play that night, that’s how we got the gig.

Chris: How much lead-time did you have before the gig was to take place?

Chandler: Last time we had one week. So in one week we were able to get 500+ people out to the show utilizing social media and our friends and family to spread the word.

Chris: Why is this event happening again?

Chandler: Well it’s happening again because the last time all of our fans came out and supported us, with only one week to promote and with such a turn out the venue noticed and realized they had something. So they asked us to come out again roughly 7 months later, this time with more notice to better promote and hopefully we can double our numbers this year.

Jake Dugan (left) of Funky Junk and Brandon Lee (right) of The New Old Cavalry

Jake Dugan (left) of Funky Junk and Brandon Lee (right) of The New Old Cavalry

Chris: How do you feel the first time this event took place increased your presence within the music scene in Indianapolis?

Chandler: First and foremost, within 24 hours after the event we had over an additional 100 followers on our Facebook page and this allowed us to reach to more people then we ever had before as well as increase our rapport with other venues in Broad Ripple. Because of that show we now have played, and continue to play, at almost every bar in Broad Ripple.


Chris: How are Funky Junk and the other two bands connected?

Chandler: We are all bands from Indiana and we all play in similar circles. It was a combination of seeing them live before we were a band, and then them seeing us after we got started and friendships just kind of formed over the course of time.

Chris: How did this event reinforce your friendship with these two bands?

Chandler: It reinforced it because we all realized if we all work together that we are a really strong team, especially since we got so many people out in such a short time. Also more shows have formed since then because they think they can out drink us, but they’re getting older and we’re still the same age.

The New Old Cavalry

The New Old Cavalry

Chris: So then are there any rivalries between the bands?

Chandler: Yes, there is one and I don’t know if the public is aware of this but Funky Junk started a drinking competition. This competition goes that any band from Indiana can challenge the previously winning team, that currently being the New Old Cavalry, to a drink-off after a show to win our “world champion” belt back. Unfortunately New Old Cavalry has the belt now because they are cheaters and they cheat, but we let them win it last time because we felt bad. This drink-off is a tradition we started at the beginning of the summer, and we plan on winning the title back this Friday.

Chris: So overall what are you most excited about and want people to know about this gig?

Chandler: Over all what excites me the most is seeing local acts get back into The Vogue theatre. I really think that if us three bands work together and keep this going we can continue this tradition and turn it back into what it used to be. This involves seeing more local bands getting back into what is traditionally a nationally recognized theatre that typically only sees nationally touring bands. And really if anything else I just want people to feel the love I feel with these other great musicians from this area, because our community is a great big beautiful thing. The amount of love we get from the community makes us realize this even more.  The Indy music scene has a really cool thing going for it and I want to see it blossom and grow as much as possible.


The New Old Cavalry, Funky Junk and Glostik Willy on stage

Again the event will take place this Friday, November 1st at The Vogue theatre. Doors open at 8pm, and Funky Junk is estimated to start around 9pm. Glostik Willy will play at 10pm, and The New Old Cavalry starting around 11pm. Each band is set get approximately one hour of stage time. Tickets are $5 and can be bought at the door and this is a 21+ event.