The New, Improved, & Alcohol FREE Me!

After last nights escapades, i have decided that it’s probably time to take a sabbatical from the bottle.

With the stuff going on in my personal life, i find it difficult to control the amount that i consume. So, the best thing to do is not consume at all.

It’s time for my liver to know what it is like to funtion with some level of normalcy.

Too much drama and long days recovering are just not what i want to deal with for the time being.

The business portions of my degree are starting next week and i should have my focus in the right spot…SCHOOL.

My mojo mofo’s are cool enough without the alcohol…so i dont anticipate this to be much of a challenge for me. and i have seen several others perfectly capable of being part of the crowd without the alcohol!

So, MOJO…welcome the new, improved, and alcohol free me! =D