The Mousetrap: One of Indy

Deemed the local hippie bar time and time again, The Mousetrap’s reputation never eclipses its own contributions to our local music scene. Every Friday and Saturday night, the best of the best in local and regional original music can be found at 56th and Keystone.

The use of adjectives to illustrate the quality of the music played at The Mousetrap is pointless; the list of past guests does all the talking needed: Freekbass, Devon Allman, Groovatron, Midwest Hype, Honeytribe, Shadyside Allstars, Shaggy Wonda, Great American Taxi, Hyryder, The Twin Cats, Willie Waldman, Ultraviolet Hippopotamus, Ladymoon, Jassy Grazz, The Max Allen Band, The Macpodz