The Mousetrap Faces the Wrath of roeVy

Opener Ed Trauma played for a full and responsive crowd on Saturday night. Hello. Can we say ‘crowd surfing’? The Mousetrap was so outrageous that an Altered Thurzday rookie asked me, “Is this the headliner?” and added, “The people are going crazy!” Indeed, they were dubstepping to Trauma’s crunchy productions with so much vigor that her mistake was one easily made.

Ed Trauma works a packed house at The Mousetrap

Without a doubt, the highpoint of his set came when Trauma played a track featuring a unique and repeated “Boing! Boing! Boing! Boing!” sample that invoked the audience to bounce up and down with it. Upon my probing for details as to when I might be able to hear it again, Ed Trauma replied, “I can only tell you that I have a bootleg that will be out by Christmas called ‘Breeders’ with samples from one of my favorite movies,” which was certainly enough to satisfy my curiosity.

Mousetrap attendees quickly emerged from the woodwork and crowded onto the dance floor as soon as headliner roeVy took stage around 1:30 a.m. The demonic duo was dressed in masks that completely covered their heads, each emitting freakish red beams of light from their eyes. Appropriately enough, the room’s temperature almost instantly rose to inferno-status just minutes after the show was underway.

The entire backdrop of The Mousetrap’s stage had been brought to life with a screen that stretched from floor to ceiling, operated by acclaimed DJ/VJ Benji Ramsey (also responsible for visuals at October’s Zombie Prom at Tru Night Club). roeVy’s show presented an interesting mix of unmistakable techno beats paired with hard-hitting electro house. The techno portions ventured into dark territory with industrial glitches and intensely deep beats, while the electro house segments built up frenzied fans into inexplicable bouts of dance, movement, and joy.

Face the wrath of roeVy!

Adding to the devilish effects, a generic robot voice frequently appended to the end of musical thoughts by interjecting roeVy’s name or some other kind of under-world statement. “People are going to be hearing that voice in their nightmares tonight,” G9 Collective member Shy Guy Says exclaimed when I ran into him at the bar. The Bloomington-based glitch hop DJ had driven up to Indy just for the special occasion and later tweeted a simplistic “holy fuckin roeVy” to express his reverence.

Approaching 3 a.m., roeVy hinted at the conclusion of their set but continued to play for more than 15 minutes. The music took an unexpected twist and got considerably harder and much more booming in their final moments of destruction; if techno beats married metal music and dropped acid at their wedding, roeVy’s final tracks are surely what said union would sound like.

If you missed roeVy last week, there are plenty of chances to make up for it in the near future. Up next on the calendar is Solstice III this Friday December 1st. The event will celebrate three years of electronic music awareness and support through the collaborative efforts of Indy Mojo and G9 Collective. The show will feature Chicago-based electronica band Future Rock, Mojostock 2011 headliner/ LA-based dubstep producer Cyberoptics, and Bloomington glitchhop producer Shy Guy Says.