The Midwesterner’s Guide to Music Festivals: East Coast Styleeee

Thanks for tuning into this week’s breakdown of the “Midwesterner’s Guide to Music Festivals”. In this installment, we have a few festivals that coax us out of our Midwestern comfort zone.  The region of discussion will be the East Coast, and how there’s much more to it than urban sprawl, the Atlantic Ocean, and thick Jersey accents. In fact, some of this year’s most promising festivals will be happening up down and all around our eastern neighbor’s backyards.

Some of these guys are seasoned vets, and some are newcomers. Some favor brain-shaking bass in their lineups, and others prefer gritty indie-rock melodies. Whatever’s your poison, there’s something strewn in this synopsis for you, you awesome music nerd, so strap in, its time for the “Midwesterner’s Guide to Music Festivals Pt. 3 : East Coast Styleeee”.

Governor’s Ball

Governors Ball 2013

Governors Ball 2013

When: June 6-8

Where: Randall’s Island, New York City, NY

Cost: $230.00 GA 3-Day, $500.00 VIP 3-Day

Style: Indie Rock, Hip-Hop, EDM, Rock

Extra Attractions:

They’ve got lawn games, art booths, food vendors, and all your standard festival-esque distractions. Plus its in the Big Apple itself, you should be able to figure out something awesome to explore, right?

Things to Know:

Randall’s Island isn’t simply a catchy name, people, this festival is on an actual island. For real. It sits along the East River between Manhattan, Queens and the Bronx.  Keeping this in mind, one must be prepared to walk, bike, bus, train, or ferry over to the festival. It seems like driving is an option, but c’mon, it’s NYC, and who the heck wants to drive there? Be sure to book a hotel for lodging, and as with most festivals, outside food and beverage is prohibited.

NYC Skyline Gov Ball

NYC Skyline Gov Ball

Why would anyone walk to Governor’s Ball, when there’s a freakin’ ferry to float you there? Hopefully, they wouldn’t.  Not only does Governor’s Ball have the most unique transportation of any festival, but it also can claim one of the most diverse lineups this summer, too. Ranging from EDM icons to Indie-Rock godfathers, this festival should please everyone from bassheads to hipsters.

Last year’s Governor’s Ball fell on the second wettest day in NYC’s history. Ever. Tropical Storm Andrea had no problem transforming the Island into a giant mud pit.  Let’s keep our fingers crossed that this year festival goers won’t have to trudge through stinky, mud fields. With that in mind, bring on the excitement for 2014’s stellar lineup, and the potential for new memories!



Jack White

Vampire Weekend

The Strokes

Other Awesomeness:




TV on the Radio

Damian “Jr. Gong” Marley

Broken Bells

James Blake

Tyler, the Creator

Glitch Mob

The Bloody Beet Roots


Hudson Project

Hudson Project

Hudson Project

When: July 11-13

Where: Saurgerties, NY

Cost: $200.00 GA 3-Day (no campground access), $230.00 GA 3-Day (campground access)

Style: EDM, Hip-Hop, Electronic, Indie-Rock

Other Attractions:

Workshops celebrating artistic expression, carnival rides (oh yeah!), and culinary delights will all be readily available to the festie-goer at Hudson Project.

Things to Know:

2014 is the Hudson Project’s inaugural year, which means that its aiming to pack an enormous punch. Its tough being a festival these days with all the competition constantly growing and evolving around this fabulous sub-culture.

Winston Farms, home to the brand spankin’ new Hudson Project, was once home to another festival y’all might remember. What was its name you ask? Oh just a little old hippy shindig named WOODSTOCK. That’s correct ladies and gentlemen, Hudson Project is the newest festie to call these hallowed grounds home.

-Previous Winston Farms performer. Jimi Hendrix.

With that being said, this festival has some unique options for lodging. One can purchase a camping or non-camping ticket to Hudson Project, so be sure that you purchase the correct one when checking out! Nothing like planning to crash at a festie, and realizing there’s nowhere to rest your whimsical mind.

Winston Farms, NY

Winston Farms, NY

With camping/non-camping tickets, and luxury on-site accommodations, this festival was engineered to fit any music lover’s standards. They claim to have carnival rides, and flameless grills for which to cook your own food. On top of that, they actually allow outside alcohol in the grounds. Cha-Ching!

Boasting a bass heavy lineup, the Hudson Project seems to be the hottest new kid on the block. With names like Bassnectar, STS9, Infected Mushroom and Big Gigantic, you can bet fans of electronica are jumping for joy. Additionally, on the less-electronic side of the spectrum, Dr. Dog, Flaming Lips, and Kendrick Lamar will be holding it down for sure.

So what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on this inagural opportunity to rage on such sacred ground!


Kendrick Lamar


Modest Mouse

Flaming Lips

Other Awesomeness:

Flying Lotus


Big Gigantic




Infected Mushroom


Nightmares On Wax



Gathering of the Vibes

GOTV 2014

GOTV 2014

When: July 31 – August 3

Where: Bridgeport, CT

Cost: $235.00 Weekend Camping Pass

Style: Jam-Band, Folk, Prog-Rock

Other Attractions:

Nestled into one of the country’s first “rural” parks, Gathering of the Vibes calls Seaside Park its home. Its 360 acres of land rests adjacent to Long Island Sound, providing s scenic and restful view for all dead-heads who gather at this festival.

Things to Know:

Gathering of the Vibes is the premiere Grateful Dead music festival. Any and all bands who have played or plan to play this festival have been touched by the Dead in some way. True there are plenty of folk, acoustic, bluegrass, and reggae bands that make an appearance here, but everyone knows that this is a serious dead-head heaven. Remember to pack all your camping essentials, and pay heed to the “banned, not-banned” list the site provides.You can only bring CANNED beers folks, so pack accordingly.  Don’t miss their Shakedown Street either!

2014 Gathering of the Vibes

2014 Gathering of the Vibes

At its inception, Gathering of the Vibes was a small hippie drum circle. Basically stemming from a Jerry Garcia tribute bash, this festival has migrated from New York down to quaint Connecticut. Congruently, it has bloomed from miniscule to one of the east coast’s forerunners in the festival realm.

GOTV Attendee

GOTV Attendee

Through and through this is a no-bones-about-it hippe festival. There will be hooping, stone-wrapping, patchouli burning, tie dye hustling, and all sorts of merriment making at Seaside Park. The Shakedown Street at this festival would rival damn near any in existence, so don’t miss out on heady lasers or shirts, bro!

Overall, if your heart lies in the airy melodies of Jerry Garcia’s electric guitar, or if you have a penchant for blue-grass twangings, this festival is for you. Be free you Chaco-wearing spirit! Be free amongst the glory that is Gathering of the Vibes!

Headliners:GOTV Crowd

Widespread Panic

John Fogerty

Disco Biscuits w/Mickey Hart & Bill Kreutzmann

Other Awesomeness:

Edward Sharpe & the Magnetic Zeros

Slightly Stoopid

Ziggy Marley


Umphrey’s McGhee

Dark Star Orchestra

The Main Squeeze



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