“The Longshots”

“Curtis Plummer — a down-on-his-luck former high school football star — turns his niece, Jasmine, into the quarterback of the local team, the Minden Browns, and gets his stride back when he becomes the team coach. With Curtis as their new leader and their pigtail-wearing star player, this team of misfits wins its way to the Pop Warner Super Bowl and the small city of Minden, Illinois, is ignited with team spirit, town pride and the glory it once knew.”

I saw previews for this movie…probably once or twice, it hasn’t really been advertized all that much which was a disappointment because the previews I HAVE seen make the movie look pretty funny.

The plot of the movie is based on the true story of Jasmine Plummer…the first ever Pop Warner football female quarterback (I must add that in real life…Jasmine played for the Colts and NOT the Browns haha.) The downside to the plot is that it’s similar to other true stories of this nature, introduce a player who isn’t expected to make it and they take their team to the championships…(see also any other cliche football movie). Yes it was similar to other movies but it had many other pitfalls for each character to get through, which made it a cut above the rest.

The acting in the movie was fairly good…as much as can be expected from an Ice Cube film, which isn’t half bad, the comedy was done well. I wouldn’t expect to see this film win any awards though.

Overall…I thought this was a pretty decent movie…I’m going to rank it about 3 martini glasses as this was a truly inspiring movie that did tug at the heart strings in several aspects. As far as going to see this movie…if you have an afternoon free and have already seen all the blockbuster hits have have been out…then go see this, it’s worth the $9 ticket.

Until next time mofo’s…see you at the movies!!!