The Last Rope

There are people who work for what they have, people who already have it, then there are treasure hunters. These treasure hunters operate on nothing but the belief of riches buried far beneath the surface.

This one treasure hunter one day believed that if she dug far enough in the place she just found, she would eventually find what she was looking for. So she began to dig, everyone that knew her were supportive at first. Some helping her dig, others holding on to ropes for her to climb out when she either found what she was looking for or decided this wasnt where she was going to find her treasure.

After a few days a couple people stopped digging, and climbed out. But she was still sure that the treasure was there.

Weeks later, everyone has climbed out but her. Still they are holding ropes for her to climb out, none of them believing in her, but they’re still supportive.

Months past, some of the ropes are gone. Most of her friends and family are gone, except the ones that really love her. The ropes are beginning to run out. She won’t come up, despite the pleas of everyone. She runs on belief rather than logic.

A year later, a dead end. She has dug all the way to a mass in the earth that cannot be dug into. There is one rope left, one person who cares enough after all this time has stayed to be the one to bring her back to the world. With tears in her eyes, she pulls out her favorite lighter and puts it to the rope. It burns all the way to the top, and it lights up the face of the one who waited. The look of anguish on their face was only seen for a second, but it will be remembered forever. It was her last way out and she literally let it go up in flames.

After some time, the shovel is dull. Her strength is spent, and worst of all… the ropes are gone. She’s realized that this hole, the one she dug. Is the hole she will have to live in the rest of her life.