The IndyMojo Miracle: Kickball begins

Think back to 5th grade gym class for a minute. Remember when you would split up the class, throw out some bases, grab a huge rubber ball and get after it? Oh, I do – this wasn’t just another day in gym class my friends, this was a day for kickball.

Well, IndyMojo has teamed up with our homies over at Circle City Athletics and have created a kickball team for all of us Mo’Fos to enjoy. If you want to play, cheer or just come out to hang for the game (and drinks afterwards at the Monkey’s Tail in Broad Ripple) – please contact our team captain, Molly aka thezigs, and we’ll get you all of the info that you need to go and get your kickball on.

Anyways, our first game was yesterday and it looked pretty bad – we only had 4 players and we needed, ummm…like 15. Well, luckily we were goo recruiters ended up picking up some randoms so that we could play.

After getting down 2 runs, we ended up finding out groove and walking away with a HUGE comeback win. Yep, the IndyMojo Mo’Fos are officially undefeated and I can’t freakin’ wait for next week…see you all there, right?

Check out some pics from the Mojo Miracle in this Mojo Gallery.

Feel free to put in your two cents about the kickball craziness over here in the Mojo Forums.