The Inconvenient Truth

For a long time I have heard several opinions and all the different views on Global Warming. I really didn’t have to much to say because I wasn’t that knowledgeable in the facts behind it, the studies, etc. So this weekend I decided that I wanted to be able to voice my opinion more loudly and with more confidence on the subject. So of course the first thing I did was googled global warming and started reading article after article after article. It started to seem as if I was on the same road as before and it was opinions, different view points, some facts and some fiction. So I kept digging further and I called a friend of mine who is a college professor and is always hanging in the University library. I asked him if there was some book or other type of medium that would help me get all the facts in one. He recommended a film called The Inconvenient Truth. WOW!!!! What an eye opening film!!!! I now have my factual opinion and I’m on the road to help stop these terrible effects we have on our own environment. We can make such a huge difference, but we seem to continue to be the catalyst to this problem. It definitely is a humbling film and makes you think about all the things we can do to help avoid this problem and it is a BIG problem. Take a look at and you can make a huge change all by yourself!! I highly recommend this film and the use of this website!!!!!