The Hellephant EP: Diabolical Drum & Bass

Bloomington-based Shy Guy Says shows no mercy on latest EP


Shy Guy Says recently made his Rad Summer debut with the release of his highly anticipated Hellephant EP. In the course of just four meticulously mixed tracks, the gifted producer destroys genre based-boundaries to create a special blend of trap and drum-n-bass, all the while influenced by Shy Guy Says’ recurring 8-bit inspiration. Below he talks with Indy Mojo about his goals for the project, the artist behind the vicious album art, and how fans can personally contribute to new EP’s success.


MOJO: What did you set out to accomplish with Hellephant?

SHYGUY: I wanted to make a series of tracks that were completely different than anything else in my catalog, yet still had a bit of my sonic signature to them. Lately I’ve been really frustrated with the idea of “genre” and being confined to a certain style, so my mission was to meld as many styles together in these four tracks as possible to come up with something familiar, yet unique in its own right.

MOJO: What can you tell me about the artwork?

SHYGUY: The artwork is one of the things about this project that I’m the most proud of. I was fortunate enough to collaborate with Anthony Davis, a local tattoo artist here in [Indianapolis]. His work is particularly brutal, which is exactly what I was going for. In an age where every single or release you see has the same basic template for artwork, I wanted something that threw the viewer for a loop at first viewing. I had a specific image in mind and I wanted it to be hand drawn. When you see the image of the Hellephant, it almost looks like it could be an 80’s heavy metal album cover. My hope was that it would intrigue whoever found the art to give the songs a chance.

MOJO: The title track on Hellephant is destined to be a trap music anthem. Is your work evolving in this direction as a whole, or is it even possible to predict?

SHYGUY: Honestly, the title track just sort of fell into place for me. The mixing phase took longer than the actual writing/recording. I really didn’t set out to write an anthem of any sort when I started. I just wanted to be passionate about it, and sort of let the track tell me what it needed. If it ends up being an anthem that would be amazing, but I always start a track with a particular idea that I want to stay true to. If people end up liking it, then that’s an added bonus.

MOJO: How’s it doing on Beatport? What can your fans do to help it do even better?

SHYGUY: I am proud to say it was included on the “Featured Releases” page of Beatport’s new “Trap” section. I’ve definitely seen an influx of new fans since it’s happened. The greatest thing anyone could do would be to purchase some (or all) of the tracks, particularly the title track. It would really be awesome to see it on the charts. Any help with sharing or spreading the word is also always appreciated. Everyone is welcome in the Mushroom Kingdom.

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