The Great Hangover ’09 Edition

First off, no pics up yet but will surely have them at the Myspace page in the coming few days, so be sure to check it out.

We’ve all been through it before, you plan and plan and plan for something but it never exactly works out the way you intended it to. It’s like the ‘Stones’ say, “you can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes, you might find, you get what you need.” This weekend, after months of planning, I didn’t exactly get what I wanted but got what I needed for the here and now.

First off I want to give a big thanks to QUARANTINED, DJ KOOLAID and THE SYNTHESIS who did a great job at the EMERSON on Friday night, and to THE DWELLERS who are growing increasingly phenomenal. Of course, it just wouldn’t be complete without the last minute drama, as the sound engineer from the Emerson rather rudely canceled the band GASH HOUND who was set to perform at 10pm, which ended in a back and forth exchange of “fuck yous!” before GASH HOUND left the theater, taking the majority of the crowd with them. A little pissed we all headed back to Andrew and Jenn’s house (THE DWELLERS) for a rather impromptu and kick-ass midnight party with a live performance by GASH HOUND.

Needless to say I felt bad leaving before the final band had finished (PREY FOR ALL), since I had booked them for the evening, but I’ve got some allegiance to both GASH HOUND and THE DWELLERS (as their kinda/sorta manager type dude), and after a lot of confusion and rudeness coming from THE EMERSON, I was ready to make my exit and go party someplace else anyway. Not to talk shit about THE EMERSON because aside from the fact that it’s where I saw my first movie when I was 2 years old (‘Superman’), I also have a lot of history there and might want to book another show at that venue again someday. That being said, THE EMERSON is in some serious need of renovation and perhaps new management as well, and there’s a reason I haven’t been there for a show in nearly 10 years. Hell, I thought the place was pretty run down when I was playing there as a teenager: the place is a black pit now where you’re afraid you’ll get VD from even washing your hands in the bathroom.

So yeah, after a long time planning, my 9/11 EMERSON show pretty much went the way I would have expected it to. Sure, it would have been great if more people would have came out, but that’s a given ain’t it? All in all 60 or so people showed up, and everybody seemed to have a pretty good time (until the very last minute anyway). But it all turned out OK in the end, and if nothing else it was a learning experience for the next gig.

Secondly, we had a musician’s meet-up tonight at SI GREENE’S PUB on the east side, which is in the process of renovation in order to feature live music on the weekends. Once again, you’d hope more people would get out, but honestly it was a pretty damn good time and productive as well. Thanks to the hospitality of SI GREENE’S, and a very big thanks to all who came out tonight including Darrin from INDY IN-TUNE, Blake from CIVILIAN, DJ KOOLAID and Don, PIGTAIL CROOKS, GASH HOUND, FIBER, SHATTER THEIR ILLUSION and SHADYSIDE ALLSTARS who are some of the coolest, craziest and funniest dudes you’ll meet. Drank a lot of beer, danced some crazy dances, played some pool, got beat, won a few games, got beat, won a few games. It’s like life that way, you win some you lose some but in the end you just cut your losses and take what good you can from it.

Again, I didn’t get what I wanted – what I’d planned – but I got what I needed, even if, at times, it felt like a hard pill to swallow. I think this weekend did a lot for helping to build some stronger bonds and friendships, and it’s always great to mingle with talented artists and musicians. It helped me to better plan for any shows and festivals I’ve got coming up in the future, and Darrin from INDY IN-TUNE and myself will soon be doing some podcast interviews with most of the bands who showed up tonight. In other words, some good things came out of the venture and it was a worthwhile effort. Considering all the BS I’ve endured in the past couple months organizing these events, they turned out surprisingly (or not surprisingly) exactly what I expected.

Anyway, that was my big adventurous weekend. Next will will be WILL WOODROW PROJECT at LIZARDS on Thursday, ON CALL ATLANTIS at LAZY DAZE on Friday, and ORANJE on Saturday! Looking forward to more good times, good music, and good booze.