The Decemberists: The Hazards of Love

The Decemberists are one of the more off-beat and interesting acts out there. They have established a strong cult following, and are probably one of the most technically gifted groups of today. The instrument choice would include a Hammond organ, a harpsichord, screeching guitars, driven bass lines, and a slew of others. Each song is Shakespearian in its lyrical content, using words that haven’t been used since the days of knights and maidens. They could certainly be the main act at a Renaissance Fair.

The Hazards of Love, is their latest release, and is as complex as it is simple. While making absolutely no sense, it makes perfect sense. The concept album itself is alive and well with Hazards, as this album is designed to be taken in from start to finish. During a near 60-minute journey, the listener is called upon to find their own interpretation of this story… or simply enjoy the music.

Either way, you’ll hear a story about William and Margaret. A story that begins with love and all the reasons it can’t happen with yearning and some death sprinkled in. In true Shakespearian form, there are moments of absolute irony and sheer horror.

Overall, this album earns a 4.75/5 for sheer brilliance. Standout tracks are…. all of them.

Listen here…

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