The Corndog Made Us Lose… Captains Losing Blog

Well guys…

I take full responsibility for the failure of a game friday. I got cocky and figured we would destroy this team too, so for once I didn’t drive and had a few beers BEFORE the game. Well backfire. I couldn’t catch a ball to save a life, and when I got nailed in the face at 300mph it actually hit the stupid boobs first then up at my face. I started to get mad because some idiot hit me. Well. My boobs didn’t say sorry Molly. I even got nailed by like 50 balls, and granted normally I wouldn’t be complaining about that, but these balls came at me fast and hard and were more than a handful.


Then, the team we played we’re worse than 4 year olds lying about writing on their parents wall. If they got hit, I guess that means to stay in. I got mad, dropped one too many F Bombs, made fun of the whole team, and lost. There goes the leadership I thought I had. Well, next week will be different. I won’t be any corndogs at the Spot and I won’t be drinking before the game.


I even spoke with the director of the whole sha-bang and he was like “Why didn’t you just beat them up?” Well, not the exact answer to the problem, but I said I tried, I made fun of them a lot. No respect. I want respect.


We WILL win next week, maybe Hup and Rob will show up and we will regain our confidence. I was proud of the newbies Karrie, KC and DJ, and we even had a great support system. Without them cheering us on, it would have been a complete disaster.


Let’s not fail to mention the conversations at the Ox… Those were something else. I won’t drink again in front of people. Too much Molly information was revealed and for that I also apologize.

Let’s have a great turn out next week and get back on track!

Hugs and Kisses,

Your Captain.