My brain still vibrates bass bombs blasted from Thursday night’s show at the Mousetrap which featured national headliner The Claw of Hulk. IndyMojo/G9’s Altered Thurzdaze delivered on their promise to “WIN” (which stands for raging faces off) with a sound system that allegedly shook light bulbs loose, and a three part line-up equipped to explode into total chaos.

We arrived just a little after 9:30 p.m. to quivering windows, colored lasers flying, and Kodoma on the decks. At this point the crowd was mainly interested in meeting up with friends and mingling. However, instinctual random dancing was hard to deny as Kodoma maintained steady punches of beats leading the crowd closer to the dance floor.

It wasn’t long until the bar filled up with an animated crowd, mostly clad in green, and ready to groove. Attak took over with tracks not to be ignored and spun us into a web of dancing bodies. Energy increased and the set built the crowd up close to orgasm only to be released by the Claw.


Claw immediately smacked everyone in the face and then pulled out their guts with some bass attacks that ignited total chaos. Once he had a hold, he didn’t let go with back to back smashes of blended dubstep, drum and bass, hip hop, and a little “Crazy Train” by Ozzy Osbourne. Bass bombs bounced the crowd around the dance floor and were often launched with his mischievous smile. And just when you thought you’d had enough, you needed some air, the sweat was stinging your eyes, Claw would drop another blow vaulting himself and you back into movement.

During the show I remembered something Claw said in our pre-show interview. When I asked him what he hoped to be known for as a musician he replied, “Would be nice to be known as someone who was passionate about the sound and wanting to bring it to as many people as possible.” At the end of the night his performance proved his passion and guaranteed that people would be begging him to bring some more.